T-shirt plastic bags

T-shirt plastic bags is one of the most popular types of flexible packaging. Our company has been manufacturing packaging for 12 years, so we can say with confidence that we know all the nuances of manufacturing and printing on packages.

Packaging from Logogroup are very strong and practical. The cost of polyethylene bags with logo will pleasantly surprise you, as we are manufacturers of packaging and all the goods we offer do not contain intermediary margins.

Logogroup also offers ECO plastic bags of 3 types: 
- polyethylene bags from secondary raw materials; 
- oxo-biodegradable packaging (decompose in 3 years); 
- biocompost bags (decompose in a few months).

Branded "T-shirt" plastic bags are most often used in the activities of trade enterprises, supermarkets, household stores, and hardware stores. After all, such packaging is easy to use and affordable. And thanks to the bottom and side folds, the packaging is characterized by a large capacity, and it is easy to carry a box of shoes.

The material from which we make our products meets all requirements and quality standards and is completely safe in contact with food. After all, the priority of our company is product quality, affordable prices and satisfied customers.