Disposable aprons

Disposable aprons

Наведите курсор, чтобы увеличить

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Страна производитель   Украина
Материал   Полиэтилен
Тип   Фартук
Количество в упаковке   100 шт
Минимальный заказ   5 ящиков
Manufacturer   LOGOGROUP

Description Disposable aprons

Disposable aprons are designed to protect clothing from dirt and provide hygiene in the workplace. Disposable aprons are extremely light, practical and very versatile. Non-toxic, odorless and do not cause an allergic reaction. It is easy to perform all the necessary operations without fear of dirt or soaking of clothes.

High hygiene of the polyethylene apron allows to use it in the food industry, medicine and cosmetology. For some industries, disposable polyethylene aprons are a legal requirement.

Polyethylene aprons are simply an indispensable thing when carrying out various procedures in: 
- hairdressers; 
- beauty salons;
- laboratories; 
- clinics; 
- in production; 
- in the kitchen in various establishments; 
- in industry/everyday life.

We offer to buy disposable polyethylene aprons from the producer at the pleasant price. Minimum order - 5 boxes.

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Questions and answers

What are the term of production?

December 23, 2019 10:13 am answers: 1

14-28 calendar days after the production order is placed, depending on the product type.


What are the minimum volumes and circulations?

December 23, 2019 10:13 am answers: 1

Minimum volumes depend on many parameters, including product type, size, film thickness, and printing complexity. Check with the order manager.



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